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Flyers remain an important part of creating awareness about your business. The problem is when customers are handed flyers; they end up tossing them in the nearest bin. This may be attributed to how businesses brand their flyers. To change this situation and increase your direct mail open rate especially this holiday season, implement the tips below.

Tip #1 – Craft your direct mail with purpose

The main objective of a flyer is to inform the customer about a particular brand, its products and services. To do so, businesses incorporate useful information meant to communicate value. If a business is crafting holiday flyer, here are a few things to incorporate.

Product promotions – if your business has a special offer for the holidays, then it should be included in the flyer. Add a picture of the products(s) and the sales price.

Holiday hours – if your business will be open during the holidays, provide the operating hours.

Special sales – if your business will be hosting a weekend sale, inform your customers through the flyers. Add information on the products on offer plus how much the customers will save when they purchase the products.

2. Provide your contact details

The objective of sending out flyers is to promote your products and services together with the brand as a whole. What if a customer has a question regarding your product or service? Including your business contacts in a flyer will initiate communication.

The one mistake businesses commit is to include different contacts. This confuses the customers. To attract customers and even retain them, choose one single form of contact. It can be your business email, customer service line or live chat. Doing so will ensure that you are in contact with your customers at all times.

3. Use high quality materials

Printing your flyers on cheap materials will surely put off your customers. Why? Quality and presentation matters to customers. To ensure that your flyer stands out and meets your business objectives, use quality print materials. This means working with a print provider who utilizes the latest print technology thus adding crisp colors and graphics to your flyers.

4. Choose the right distribution method

It is common for businesses to select the simplest method for sending flyers – through mail, handing them out to customers at trade shows or dropping them in areas with heavy foot traffic. While these methods may be appropriate, they are not effective especially in today’s competitive business world.

To ensure that your flyers reach the target consumers, conduct a market research. This will provide you with information that lets you target your customers easily.