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Post card marketing is one of the most underutilized forms of creating product and service awareness. If used effectively, post card marketing has the potential of attracting new customers as well as renewing relationships with previous customers.

What you ought to know is that post cards are regarded as a simple and low cost sales tool. Using turnkey postcard marketing services, you can send out colorful and even over sized postcards designed to push your products, services and offers.

As an anti digital agent, it has a higher read rate than other forms of direct mail. This is because consumers can digest the message at a glance unlike direct mail where one has to open an envelope.

The best news is that you can create a post card campaign without spending a lot of money unlike other forms of marketing like radio or TV and send them at a fraction of the cost.

Here are 10 ways to help you implement a successful postcard marketing campaign.

  1. Always plan ahead. In order to grab the attention of your target consumers, add value to your message.
  2. Be creative – this calls for creating an eye catching postcard by including high quality graphics, images and colors.
  3. The bigger, the better – sending an oversized postcard to a select group of high value customers will surely impress them. Don’t forget to add creative and informative messages.
  4. Use brief punchy headlines – Avoid overloading the postcard with information. Keep the information brief by using short punchy headlines to drive the message home.
  5. Provide timely offers – offer your customers with timely offers or reminders regarding upcoming special sales events.
  6. Make use of both sides effectively – A postcard has two sides – the one with the photo and the one that carries the message. On the photo side, use the biggest and boldest photo while on the other side; add a brief punchy message together with your business contact information.
  7. Use postcards for different purposes – did you know you can use a postcard as a reminder, gift certificate, coupon or tickets? Well, now you know.
  8. Choose high quality, full color and glossy design – Not only will you have a huge impact among your target customers but you will bring down the costs.
  9. Use large postcards – preferably 6 by 11. This helps your business to stand out. Furthermore, it gives you the option of adding useful information like a map or coupon.
  10. Add call to action message – this helps to give customers a reason to act immediately.


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