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As an important part of the marketing mix, Direct Mail is usually considered to be about selling.  But what about turning things on their head and using it to say “thank you” instead.

One of New Zealand’s biggest companies, Telecom (renamed since to Spark), decided to do this with absolutely stunning results.

Telecom had thousands of loyal customers, who they hadn’t been in touch with for years.  They felt they were missing a trick to ensure their customer’s loyalty stayed that way, but they didn’t have a lot of budget.  They got their creative juices flowing and came up with a brilliant idea!Saying Thank You by Direct Mail

They gave each member of Telecom personnel the opportunity to “thank you” in person, to their clients, by rolling out a huge blank canvas in their head office, inviting all the employees, first with the CEO, of course, to write their own message of thanks.  This canvas was then amazingly turned into thousands of different envelopes and mails which were then direct despatched to all the Telecom’s customers across the country, along with a supporting email.  In addition to saying “thank you”, the letter and email invited the recipients to log onto a Telecom microsite where they could wish for a range of Telecom products, by way of a “thank you” gift.

Within days of the mailing being sent a whopping 2,500 customers had logged onto the microsite to choose a treat.  60% opened the email (twice the industry standard) 46.4% clicked through to the websites (8 times the industry standard) and among those, two thirds wished a gift.

Everyone was happy – the customers felt valued and the staff felt proud of the company they worked for.

What’s not to like about that?  If you have a creative way of saying “thank you” to your customers, to help build loyalty, by using direct mail, we’d love to help you.  Why not give us a call on 0208 947 7577 or click ‘Request a Call Back’ on top of this page and we’ll ring you back ASAP.