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In many cases your brochure will be the first impression you make on a potential customer or client, so it is important that yours be well-designed. It plays a vital role in attracting more potential clients. The following elements are part of any well-made brochure: originality, design, images, color, and page bleed.The Elements of A Well-Designed Brochure


The originality of your brochure is somewhat self explanatory which doesn’t need further clarification. This applies not so much to the design of the brochure, but how your company is represented. It should inform the audience of something unique about your company in order to make you stand out. The design of your brochure has to do with its outline and layout. In cases like this it is best to go for a simple design that is uncluttered and easy to read. Make sure only necessary information is included.

The images that are used in your brochure should always be the highest quality possible. Good quality images will consequently aid in designing better brochure. Always ask the person who is designing your brochure what type of images they will be using. Sometimes they will take their own photos and other times they may prefer to use stock images. Regardless, make sure that they use high-resolution images.

Color plays the most significant role in a design and it is also important in a well-designed brochure. Colors reflects the feelings of a person, colors have a way of invoking emotion in a person. The colors used in the brochure should also go well with the images used such as the company logo. Finally there is the page bleed. This is where color runs off the edges of your brochure when printing in order to account for any shifts that may occur. At least a 1/8 bleed is recommended.