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Characteristics of a Quality Logo

A logo is basically defined as a small graphic or picture that is associated with a brand or a company. However, it is more than just a simple collection of pixels or a mixture of ink; it is a graphic representation of the services and the products a company provides, an identification card stating everything […] Read more...


Business printing is usually clear and concise as companies seek to get their message across using a variety of printed media – business cards, newsletters, marketing brochures, proposals, white papers, adverts and the list is endless.  While clear and concise language is great for quickly getting the written message across, the design and appearance of […] Read more...

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Pantone is a color matching system that was created so that colors can remain consistent no matter what medium is being used to view them. Color is interesting in the fact that it is highly subjective; what one person views as yellow, another may view as orange for example. Now, with the many different types […] Read more...

The Elements of A Well-Designed Brochure

In many cases your brochure will be the first impression you make on a potential customer or client, so it is important that yours be well-designed. It plays a vital role in attracting more potential clients. The following elements are part of any well-made brochure: originality, design, images, color, and page bleed.   The originality […] Read more...

Elements of a Banner – What You Ought to Know

Using an outdoor banner to advertise your brand, products and services is a great idea. For starters, it helps to convert online users and the local people into paying customers. Furthermore, it creates awareness for your brand not only around the local community but online too. As a result, you are able to reach a […] Read more...

4 Tips To Increase The Readership Rate of Your Flyers

Flyers remain an important part of creating awareness about your business. The problem is when customers are handed flyers; they end up tossing them in the nearest bin. This may be attributed to how businesses brand their flyers. To change this situation and increase your direct mail open rate especially this holiday season, implement the tips below. […] Read more...